Contact Me


I've been getting a lot of spam to the addresses that used to be posted on this site, so I've changed how they are displayed. You have two choices:

Copy and paste

You can copy the address below and paste it into your email client. This can usually be done by highlighting the address and pressing CTRL-C to copy and then clicking where you want the address to be inserted in your email client and pressing CTRL-V. Note that the address is displayed using JavaScript, so it may not be rendered in all browsers. If this is the case, follow the instructions for using the link below.

Using the link

Click on the link below. This should open your email client. The "To:" part of the email should be filled in. Delete the bit of the email address indicated by the text, which should leave you with a sensible email address. This should reach me.
Click Here


I don't promise to answer emails sent to this address if I get inundated with spam again. However, I hope that they should remain fairly spam-free, in which case you should receive a reply. If you don't, you could try searching for my university email address here.